We always take into account individual customer needs and try to be flexible in terms of development process basing upon our principles and work standards

Our principles

  • Best specialists
    We hire only the best candidates using our multi stage interview system
  • Maximum involvement
    We try to exceed expectations of every customer
  • Focusing on
    the performance
    We always do our best to achieve the objectives of every project
  • Efficient communication
    We constantly keep in touch with customers and keep communication transparent
  • Agile approach
    We implement projects using the "simple-to-complex" basis, providing the working product at each stage
  • Constant improvements
    We constantly work on the internal processes, quality standards and customer service

Development approach

We use an Agile development approach in our projects whenever it is possible. For each project we adopt the most efficient practices in accordance with all requirements of the customer.

We help to calibrate communications process, length of iterations, tasks estimation approaches QA and acceptance procedure during the process of Dedicated Development Center organization.

Development stages

  • Your ideas
  • Information gathering
  • Analysis
  • Technologies
  • Stages
  • Road map
  • Development
  • Integration
    and optimization
  • Technical support



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