Our key focus area is providing our customers with Dedicated Development Center full of high-skilled professionals in web-development.

For the past years we've built competence centers in E-commerce projects, CRM/ERP system projects and Digital Production.


We can easily organize the Dedicated Development Center with a team of qualified professionals. This team is able to carry out any tasks on designing, development, testing, project management, analysis, optimization and marketing. In this case the customer receives not only a fine team, but also the company's huge experience in IT project implementation.

This approach helps to start working on the project without loosing time for employees searching and working process organization.


We provide services at all stages of the startup life cycle - from the very beginning and until the launch into new markets. Over the years we have participated in 23 startup launches acquiring an invaluable experience in development of high-load E-commerce and Non-profit projects.

One of them is an international E-commerce project having over 1 million registered used in the territory of 8 countries making over 500 thousand transactions per month.

CRM/ERP solutions

Our team has a great experience in a medium- and a large-sized company business process optimization and automation. We've developed 22 unique systems helping to increase companies process efficiency in such sectors as Agriculture, Real estate Manufacturing, Car Industry and Commerce.

Each developed system is based upon our experience in business processes automatio and takes into account customer individual needs.


We are official subcontractors of a number of large Russian and foreign Digital agencies. Within this parntership we've implemented more than a hundred projects in marketing organization and conducting, web-service development, lead generation systems and event-marketing tools.

With this background our specialists are able to protect the customers from facing most technical difficulties in digital production.

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